How to Move the Mattresses? Tips From Moving Companies in Oakville

It probably sounds ridiculous,  but have you ever thought of this before? For sure, mattress is an important element in our daily life, so let’s treat it properly when moving your home.

First of all get mattress protection! Although Moving Companies in Oakville are using mattress covers, ask for that when booking your moving. Mattress covers protect it from dust, humidity, odors and the infestation. Most Oakville movers provide a clean and hygienic environment when moving your stuff, but bedbugs are difficult to eliminate.

Take Best Oakville Movers advice:  you should really get bed mattress protection before your move and please, don’t forget about spring box cover as well. Once you get your mattress out from the truck, be sure to take off the cover to air refresh it prior to cover it with your sheets! Would be also smart to vacuum it and disinfect with special tool you can rent or ask from the cleaning companies for this service.