How To Properly Pack Your Possessions For A Move

Packing for moving is the most popular topic. It sounds easy, however 99% of people makes same mistakes over and over.  We want to make this more clear and easy for you to get ready for you moving, although our Movers Oakville are always ready to help you out with this problem and entirely take over your moving.


Most important is to use right packing products. Durable boxes of all sizes, packaging tape, percolate wrap, padding, wardrobe boxes and other can all be found at Oakville local moving companies or home stores. As an alternative for padding, can serve newspaper, towels, socks, pillows and blankets.

For packing your stuff you’ll also need a knife, scissors and a marker.


After getting your packing supplies, you can start pack one room at a time. Do not forget to label each box on its top and side. Be detailed and market its contents and which room this box belongs to. Use special labels for fragile. Have a detailed listing of items in each box to help make unpacking less complicated.


Clear all storage (drawers, closets, attics).


Wrap individually all the flammable goods or heat vulnerable things like candle lights, computer disks, gas tanks, spray cans, paints and so forth. Always put a layer of padding and fill bare spaces with soft padding too.

Ensure that boxes are filled with weightier items below and lighter are at the top. Remember also that heavy stuff goes into smaller boxes.


If loading the truck, remember that items you will require first are loaded in last.


Plan in advance what you may need the next day you move. Pack a separate box/bag with essentials like toiletries, a change of garments, bedding etc.

And one more advise: better move on a week day.